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Yes and no. There’s erotica, including my own books, being marketed as “women’s erotica,” which I think can be a valuable thing for consumers if they are looking for books written by women that are about women and that showcase the work of women authors. Many women who likely would have been too nervous about publishing erotica a decade ago because they feared being judged are now doing so because it’s become far more socially acceptable and mainstream, which I think is wonderful.

However, I know I have plenty of male readers who also enjoy my “women’s” erotica, so I don’t ever want to be shortsighted about who’s reading or who might be reading. I think far more expansively about all fiction and believe that anyone can be the audience for erotica written by anyone. There are plenty of men writing amazing female characters, as well as vice-versa. “Women’s erotica” is valuable, though, to those looking to read about women’s lives, and probably one thing that distinguishes that from some erotica about men is that we’re then usually talking about what else is going on in a woman’s life beyond just who she sleeps with and how she has sex. To make a broad generalization, erotica geared toward women is about how the rest of a woman’s experiences play into her sex life and choices around sexuality.