Suffering Together. Holly Michaels, Jeze Belle

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Holly and Jeze have one goal to accomplish today, and that is to make it through this shoot in one piece. The task seems easy enough, but The Pope has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Holly starts out with her legs spread wide exposing her whore pussy, with her arms in a strappado, and blindfolded. The Pope drags Jeze on set and puts her to work pleasing Holly’s cunt. The pain comes from the cane, and her body is covered with it from her nipples to the soles of her feet.

Next, Holly is in a brutal back arch with a sybian strapped between her legs. Jeze agai9n is brought in, but this time she is used as a tool to increase Holly’s suffering, and also receiving some of her own.

In the final scene, these two whores are facing each other in a doggy position, and made to watch as the other endures extreme punishment. They fight to help each other through the pain, but in the end it’s a hopeless struggle.

Resolution : 1920×1080
Format: mp4
Duration: 0:53:40
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